Understanding the needs of the client is very much at the core what we do at FTD. We’re a straight talking bunch of creatives who understand that what works for Company A, doesn’t necessarily work for Company B. With that in mind we will always take the time to sit down with you and learn about your business on a granular level, so that we deliver a healthy ROI and meet your overall business objectives

At FTD we work with both big and small businesses but one thing we always insist on is a clear and definitive marketing plan. This strategic plan has the sole purpose to deliver a business objective or objectives. Quite often, a marketing strategy is summarised in a simple statement, and the plan that aims to achieve it goes into detail on the specific channels, media and targeting etc. Crucially, it’s an actionable marketing plan and something that can then be executed by us, or can be taken in house by our client – or a combination of both.

We develop your strategy from scratch, driven by the business objective or objectives you give us, or if you already have this in place we can review and refine it. A marketing plan then follows. No two plans are ever the same.

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Our work for Newhall at London’s Tottenham Hale Station


There’s nothing we love more than taking a concept and bringing it to life in the real world. Effective print marketing has to be impactful or it’ll be lost amongst the noise. FTD creates print advertising design that stands out, conveys the right message and ultimately engages with the audience.

Understanding the goals of the marketing plan and ultimately acquiring a deep understanding of the target demographic mean we are able to create marketing messages that convey the company message in such a way as to be appealing to the target customer. Again one size does not fit all and each campaign and message is tailored to the audience – a campaign to sell a £20m house in Highgate is understandably completely different to a campaign to sell first time buyer properties in Epping.

A small selection of our print work for development projects